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If you are doing open source development and would like to build applications for UNIX and Windows better think about using any of the toolkits mentioned below -- the Qt Free Edition for Windows is really outdated by now, and there are no signs it will be updated soon.When I had contact to some Trolltech-guys some time ago they told me they'll most likely release versions of their free edition for other compilers like the one from Borland -- but nothing happened since about 2 years. It is available for UNIX/X11 and Windows, on windows all of the most important compilers are supported.It works under UNIX/X11 and Windows, but since it does not provide a native Windows look and feel you most likely don't want to use it for cross platform development.Motif is a toolkit well-known from older commercial applications.

Depending on what operation system and toolkit you are using you might notice speed differences -- or not.

As mentioned above, people want to know something about devtools, too.

I'll add page containing that stuff as soon as I have time to do so.

If the package is not available on the main software repos of your distro, you can download the source tarball from Softpedia.

To install gtkmm, save the tar archive on a location of your choice, unpack its contents, open a terminal emulator, navigate to the location of the extracted archive file using the ‘cd’ command, and execute the ‘./configure && make’ command to optimize and compile the source code.

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