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These cases of denial not only hurt the addict, but also put a serious strain on their family dynamics.

“Everyone besides [my brother] knew he had a problem,” junior Megan Jones* said.

“He was in denial so there were a lot of fights with the family.

Around school, however, it’s referred to as “bars,” “zanies” or “planks” and used to get a feeling similar to intoxication.

“There has been an increase in Xanax abuse [in school] lately,” Hubbell said.

“If someone, a teacher or a student or anything, thinks a student isn’t acting like themselves, they’ll call for someone in administration who then gets the student and they do a medical evaluation.” Difficulty concentrating, depressed heartbeat and breathing, drowsiness and excessive sleep, mental confusion or memory loss — Xanax addiction luckily comes with many warning signs, making it easier to spot.

The addiction is not only hard on the body, but also hard on any relationship.

“Having a close family member on Xanax is like trying to talk to someone who is on autopilot all of the time,” senior Charlotte Potter* said. They don’t remember important conversations, and you start to miss them.

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