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Book this trip and make a difference to local communities.

Along with carbon offsetting your trip, we’ll also contribute funds to our new social enterprise partner, Friends-International, on your behalf. While it might seem like its own country – it has its own passport, money, legal system and culture – technically, it’s still a part of China.

Yet to explode in popularity it’s certainly optimistic, advising you to ‘like’ 50 people a day. Also available is more serious British Badoo, (2006) (no stickers here), but it does have an addictive Tinder style game called ‘Encounters’ if you’re feeling wild. With Jack’d you can refine your search according to ‘scenes’ – are you a looking for a Twink, a Bear or Strictly Friends?

Both apps are hailed for their almost insulting user-friendliness. Edgy Grindr has a bondage mask for an icon, which is all you need to know (that and it has a sister hook-up site for straight people named Blendr).

’ and your new friend responds with a nude shot, you know they’re not for you. I was his free escort.” After all, it’s easy to mask bad habits behind a screen, and not everyone has a cyber sixth sense to see them.

“She seemed normal enough so I agreed to meet her for a drink,” says a guy who now can’t even look at a dating app. I arrived, she asked if I had any crack, I didn’t, and then I left.” Personal safety aside, dating apps can wreak havoc on your sanity.

However some take this empowerment a little too far; “It’s a shame he was so attractive”, moans an ex-Tinder user.

At a forum she hosted on the issue this week, Ho said many attendees "talked a lot about the guilt of witnessing these things in very intimate circles and not doing anything because the people involved ...

Not quite a part of China, though not entirely independent either, Hong Kong is a captivating destination all of its own.

A specialist in martial arts films, Logan worked as a producer and consultant on Netflix's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny," a follow up to the Ang Lee Oscar-winner; the Weinstein Company's "Shanghai;" and Hong Kong film "Gen Y Cops," which starred Maggie Q and Paul Rudd.

In a video posted online by HK01, actress Sable Yu accused Logan of touching her without her consent while filming his directorial debut, the 2012 martial arts movie "Snowblade." While IMDB lists a 2012 release date, it's unclear how widely the film was distributed, if at all.

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