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Please note - I posted this under another name on here but i forgot my login info and i cannot find my original story under the username - vinny12331 .Sorry for the duplicate story if you read this already! Just a little background, My Mom worked 9-5 and my Dad worked weird swing shifts where he would work a different shift each week.It was 1992, I was 17 and like every other 17 yr old, I was horny 24/7. So for the most part, I was home alone the whole summer.I stayed naked pretty much all day because I was by myself in the house. I worked 3 or 4 nights a week at most at a local video store. I did have something I didn't realize was such a gift until in gym class, I found out it was.Their bedroom was right above my bedroom in the basement.

I was close to the deadline for the next magazine, so it took a couple weeks but I got in the next magazine. In my ad, I basically said, I was looking for women or couples to hook up with only during the day at my house. Now the lifestyle that intrigued me the most was couples looking for well endowed guys to fuck the wife or girlfriend while hubby or the boyfriend watched and possibly joined in. I found myself more wanting the more mature women as I read ads from other women and couples.Judging from all the porn I watched, I thought I was normal sized because I had never seen a dude my age at the time naked.Of course, I, like every other guy, measured my cock and I was 9.5 inches long and 5 inches around when I was 17.So I was trading in upwards of 10 magazines at a time and I would walk out of there with boxes full of porn magazines.Remember, this was before the internet so that was the only way you could get porn back then (unless you worked where I worked and got free tapes to copy! He also gave me the magazines he didn't sell that month minus the cover of the magazine.

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