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You use a secured credit card like any other credit card—you make purchases and then pay the bill when it arrives.Your credit limit is the amount of collateral (cash) deposited on the account.If your credit isn’t good enough, apply for a secured loan, using your cash assets as collateral.You'll be allowed to borrow as much money as you have in a specified account (usually a savings account or Certificate of Deposit), and the funds in that account will be at least partially inaccessible until the loan is paid off.

Also, your credit report cannot explain to a reviewer that you had extenuating circumstances—only whether your bills were paid, and whether they were paid on time.(Though, keep in mind, having a credit card—if it’s used correctly—can be good for your finances.) RELATED: My Quest for the Perfect Credit Score But there are ways you can build credit without swiping a card. Two of the three major credit bureaus, Experian and Trans Union, now accept rent payments for inclusion on your credit report.The payments must be uploaded by third-party service like Rental Kharma (currently free), Rent Reporters( per month) or William Paid (free when you pay your rent from your bank account via the site).You might think that your credit has everything to do with your credit card.But, in fact, your credit report and score aren’t as closely tied to those slips of plastic as you might think.

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    Say your loan has 11 years left to be paid; if you use a mortgage to pay off your loan, you may be extending that 11 into 15, 20, or even 30 years.