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On a side note, if you attempted to download an i OS update from within i Tunes and it failed, you may want to trash the file it downloaded.You can do this by going to the IPSW file location and just deleting the file.

There is a caveat here though, and that is the device must be running system software later than version i OS 5.0, so older hardware may be left out.When I look at the old files I am looking for information. I should be able to do that without connecting to the Q* server. The only reason to enter the Password Vault password would be to do One Step Update or download transactions for a given account. if in the past you have used the Intuit Id password for your Password Vault password then maybe you would get prompted to change it, since with the Quicken Id doesn't support that.The Quicken Id/password is a completely different matter. If that happens select to change it, and then enter that you forgot the password, and from there you will be able to delete the Password Vault, and get past this prompting.Then you need to Sign in as a different user, because most of your old Backups are associated with your old Intuit User ID. To repeat, you need to make sure you are making a copy (different filename) and NOT overwriting the original.And you will need to Re-register the Quicken Data File. Personally, I have multiple data files (different filenames) using the same Quicken Id.

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