How to stop messenger updating

Additionally, most of the apps that you download to your smartphone or tablet also have settings, which often include notifications, sharing options, and app-specific functions.Here are some of the common settings that you'll encounter on a smartphone or tablet, many of which you'll also find on any number of smart devices.With the growing popularity of smart devices, home automation, and the persistent buzz around the Internet of Things (Io T), settings are beginning to appear in more of our daily lives, not just in the technology realm.Io T refers to the idea of connecting everyday devices to the Internet that can then send and receive data.Managing the ringtone for different types of notifications is often in a separate section (see below).To change these settings, you may have to go into individual apps and make your adjustments.

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In this area of settings, you may also be able to view how much data you've consumed for the month and which of your apps are using the most of it.Often represented as a gear icon on a smartphone or tablet, "settings" is an app that lets you customize your device to fit your preferences.In general, a smart device will have settings for wireless connections, device-related options, such as screen brightness, notification sounds, and date and time, and privacy and security controls, such as location services and screen lock set-up.This is a great feature to use when in a meeting or at the movies or anywhere that requires your (mostly) undivided attention.It's also convenient if you use your smartphone as your alarm clock and so that your sleep isn't disrupted with non-urgent notifications.

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