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When a drunk Raj demands Penny declare her love for Leonard, Raj is ejected from the apartment and goes to the comic book store, where he and Stuart bond over a nightcap and plan to meet up the next evening.Elsewhere, Amy's flirtatious gestures are lost on Sheldon; a hurt Amy tries to abandon their date.When he demands she return to drive him home, she says she will break up with him unless he says something romantic.He responds with a stunningly romantic soliloquy which she finds incredibly touching until he admits quoting it from the first Spider-Man movie.Amy and Penny later see Alex flirting with Leonard in the Caltech cafeteria, now making Penny jealous.

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To simulate weightlessness, the production crew decided to use "long skinny platforms" to support the actors from below, rather than use tethers to suspend from above.That night he wakes Penny in her apartment and tells her never to hurt his friend Leonard.The next day, when about to talk to Leonard about her doubts, she looks into his sad face and sleeps with him instead.To pacify his mother, who wants him to stay, and Bernadette, who doesn't, he lies to both.Meanwhile, Sheldon invites Howard-less Raj to his second anniversary with Amy to outsource to the Indian any romantic activities the Relationship Agreement demands of him.

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