I am dating my cousin

On the other hand, you may start branching out and exploring more gay experiences, and it will become a regular part of your life whether or not you continue to date women.I have had a girl perform oral on me and a guy, but I didn't like it when the guy did it.Anthony, Puerto Rico Anthony, It is possible to have deep emotional and romantic connections with people of one sex without being turned on by them.

Whenever I go out with my friends I'm always attracted to girls and never think about hooking up with guys. It's not unusual for an otherwise straight guy to have the occasional homosexual fantasy while masturbating.

If you find yourself fantasizing about it a lot - or if you find yourself thinking about it when you're not masturbating, you might reconsider.

I have always been into women, and I love the female body and sensitivity that women present.

This when someone's feeling of being male or female differs from the sex of their body.

It is a separate issue from being gay or straight or bi, although it can affect how you and other people perceive your sexual orientation.

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