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I'm so excited about telling people my results because there is nothing that can reverse the graying of hair.

It will give me evidence that this supplement thing is really powerful.

The reversal of the gray hair to original color began a couple of months after starting the pill.

I think my beard will take longer, but it was the first to gray. The skin and hair rely heavily on stem cells, and they seem to benefit strongly from this product.

Polygonum is reported to enhance fertility by improving sperm count in men and egg vitality in women.

Polygonum is also widely used in Asia to strengthen muscle and is thus used by many athletes as an essential tonic for providing strength and stamina to the body.

Modern research has supported Polygonum multiflorium stem in that animal studies have proven that it can extend lifespan and improve the quality of life.

Polygonum appears to protect the liver and brain against damage, perhaps by improving immune and cardiovascular health.

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