Infopath row cannot be located for updating

If you run the form at this point, you should get three values in the list: “Action”, “Comedy” and “Drama”.Next, create a subform (let’s call it “movie Data”) which contains fields with explicit bindings to the data nodes from the Movies In Cat data connection using the Binding tab in the Object palette.Out of the box it looks pretty nice, however I had a request that besides having the view display the documents in the document library we also add conditional formatting to allow better visibility to separate the rows with background colors similar to how when we insert a table into a Share Point page we can apply the a Style like “Table Style 2 – light banded” under Table Tools-Styles to give a banded affect to the Document library, similar to the following: This would allow some of our older colleagues to very clearly follow the rows associated with each item.

For this sample, I chose to use Form Calc to script this event.

This is due to new restrictions imposed on modifying data connections at run time in I would recommend you try using two separate data connections (like in the tutorial in this post) and keep in mind that it’s (unfortunately) your responsibility, using script, to carry along the various values from one connection to the other.

Share Point out of the box has some great tools for displaying documents located in a document library, probably because that’s what a lot of companies use it for.

You might’ve also realized that you could narrow the scope of the data connection by specifying a more specific clause, for example).

But what if you wanted the form to filter, on the spot, the data loaded from the data connection?

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