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Then there’s the question of those monsters and demons.What are they, where are they, and how dangerous are they?It’s an ocean filled with exotic islands, glorious and strange creatures, and even demons and monsters.Traveling to the wrong place can bring very real tragedy and horror to a family, and traveling there is as simple as typing in the wrong word into that little square box.To better understand the reality of this issue, I decided to go straight to the federal agency responsible for investigating these cases – the very heroes that often bust down those doors and save young victims from their captors.I first approached Boston FBI media coordinator Special Agent Greg Comcowich in July of 2012 to see if he could help put me in touch with someone that could assist with this story. He said that this was a topic that is very important to the FBI right now, and one that they work tirelessly to inform the public about.However, in the real world, you don’t expect that there will be a boogie man under the bed.Unfortunately, there are lots of boogie men in this world of ours, and by opening this portal – this little white box – into the homes of nearly every family throughout the world, we’ve provided those boogie men with a perfect pathway into the minds and hearts of children.

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During the last decade or so, I’ve worked as an SEO consultant and have had the dubious pleasure of scouring through some of the words and phrases that people decide to type into that little white box.

He immediately put me in touch with Russ Brown, the supervisor of the FBI Cyber Crimes Division in Boston.

Our conversation took place via a conference call in October of 2012.

My first question was the most pressing – what are the 2 or 3 most significant threats to children on the Internet?

Russ didn’t even pause before answering.“The two most significant threats are predators exploiting children for the production of child pornography, and predators grooming children for direct contact exploitation.

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