Introvert dating an extrovert

They don’t ask questions very frequently, but when they do the questions are the wisest ones.Sometimes, an introvert may give the impression that they are not paying attention during a meeting or conversation.This doesn’t mean that they have no respect for their colleagues, merely that their performance improves when they are given free rein to govern themselves. Introverts are not inclined to spend a lot of time with others and are hesitant to join in conversations, which can cause others to assume that they aren’t leadership material.The truth of the matter is that an introvert can be a wonderful leader, under certain conditions.They may take a while to respond to your messages, but don’t take it personally.If you have ever sent a text or email to an introverted friend and had to wait hours for a response, don’t worry.

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Such employees would drain an introvert at a rapid rate.Often times, introverts in relationships are deemed as non-communicative and distant.Their partners (usually extroverts) may feel less attention from them.They think small talks are not acts of niceness, but pointless conversations. Introverts appreciate the time and space required to process their own thoughts, and work to their own schedule.They dislike working in groups, because conversations with others tire them quickly.

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