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Lola begins to suspect Serena is Gossip Girl, and relents her suspicions to Nate, who brushes them off.

At Blair and Dan's salon in Salon of the Dead, Lola sets up Serena to reveal that she is Gossip Girl.

She begins to lean on Nate and the two begin dating.

Lola is dragged to Ce Ce's wake by Georgina Sparks.

Nate, still under the impression that Ivy is really Charlie, explains the situation to Lola.

Afterwards, she tries to friend request Ivy on Facebook but gets no response.

Carol was unaware Lola is living in New York and attending Juilliard, as she was under the impression that Lola was attending Michigan State University. She is a recurring character in season five and is briefly shown in season six. Lily had been upset that Charlie (Ivy) hadn't been seen since the accident and hired a private investigator to track her down.

Wanting to rid of Diana for good, Nate and Lola try to blackmail Diana.

However at the same time, Serena is trying to make Lola the new It-Girl and she gets caught up in the scheme, and feels used. During Serena's short stint as Gossip Girl, she begins to sabotage Lola's acting career.

Meanwhile, Lily, Rufus, Carol and Serena are there too, waiting for news about a dying Ce Ce.

Lola goes to the hospital, sees her mom Carol and asks what she is doing there.

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