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Finally, after pressing start, shaking the machine like there was no tomorrow and not getting a good blend, I said ‘shag it’ and finally got myself a spankin’ new 1500 watt powerhouse. I will always make some sort of smoothie weekdays and also often times on Saturday too when hubby and I are running around doing odds and ends around the house; it makes for a super fast and satisfying snack. Do you remember as kids on Saturday morning, you could spend hours on hours mindlessly watching your favourite cartoons and you didn’t have a care in the world? Where nothing else matters only right then and there. Nothing to do, but be able to sit for a few minutes….hehehe. Throw that stuff in a blender and you are good to go. No syrups, no crap ingredients, just pure natural goodness. If you think this Blackberry Coconut Smoothie will make your belly happy too, please be sure to hit that little PIN button down below. XO Made with only five ingredients, this Blackberry Coconut Smoothie is made in just a few minutes and is the perfect way to start your morning.

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Award-winning Mimmo la Bufala showcases the gastronomic heritage of Naples with critically acclaimed pizzas, pasta, fish and meat.

Inspired by the cultural synthesis of Old Havana’s Chinatown, Chef Luis Pous interprets Asian-influenced Cuban fare for a modern crowd and a discerning palate.

Fresh ingredients, handcrafted dishes and eye-catching interiors make […] Read More 70D Watling Street, Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7 7NP Both chef and owner of Avani hail from Mumbai, which enables them to offer a truly authentic Indian dining experience.

After buying so many berries, I actually even went back and bought MORE! I would put the fruit, milk and stuff in there and press start and, boy, would that machine suffer.

#Cant Stop Wont Stop So I finally broke down and purchased a new blender. But, nope, as long as it still whizzed and whirled, I wasn’t gettin’ a new one. Like pretty much all smoothies, there’s nothing complicated here.

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