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The constraint annotation definitions may define additional elements to parameterize the constraint. */ @Documented @Constraint(validated By = Audible Validator.class) @Target() @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface Audible Example 2.3, “Constraint definition with default parameter” ensures that a given frequency is within the scope of human ears.For example, a constraint that validates the length of a string can use an annotation element named package constraint; /** * Mark a String as representing a well formed order number */ @Documented @Constraint(validated By = Order Number Validator.class) @Target() @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface Order Number package constraint; /** * A frequency in Hz as audible to human ear. The constraint definition includes an optional parameter that may be specified when the constraint is applied.package constraint; /** * Defines the list of values accepted * Accepts int or Integer objects */ @Documented @Constraint(validated By = Discrete List Of Integer Validator.class) @Target() @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface Acceptable constraint, which validates that its target matches a specified regular expression. The same constraint type can belong to different groups and have specific error messages depending on the targeted group.

The technical objective of this work is to provide a class level constraint declaration and validation facility for the Java application developer, as well as a constraint metadata repository and query API.

Some reviewers have found that reading the terminology section first helps to better understand the specification.

JPA, JSF and EE integration are present at Appendix D, Java Persistence 2.0 integration, Appendix E, Java Server Faces 2.0 integration and Appendix F, Proposal for Java EE integration for archive purposes, one should refer to the respective specifications for the up-to-date integration rules.

* * @author Emmanuel Bernard * @author Gavin King * @author Hardy Ferentschik */ @Documented @Target() @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface Constraint to allow Bean Validation provider specific extensions.

It is considered good practice to follow the same approach for custom annotations.

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