Jessica ellen cornish dating

Two years earlier Jessie J had been diagnosed with a hereditary heart defect.

'I remember me and my dad and my sister were in Epping Forest and my dad said, “Let’s race to the car.” And I just collapsed. ” But I couldn’t breathe and I just went white and got rushed to hospital.’ She slouches into the back of a big white armchair.

Next month, when she plays at Glastonbury festival, Jessie J will have achieved the four stamps of British musical approval: she already has a West End role under her belt and recently took home both the BBC Sound of 2011 Award and a Critics’ Choice Brit Award.

Falling on to the first violins was, unfortunately, the least of her childhood worries.

'But Jessie Jetlag is mostly what it is now.’ She released her first single six months ago and, as she puts it, 'it’s just been kicking off since then.’ Do It Like a Dude, a dirty, dancefloor-filling provocation of a song, picked up enough word-of-mouth steam to go to number two.

The follow-up, Price Tag, went straight to number one.

People were always like, “Oh, you’re a Cornish girl?

” But I wasn’t academic like them.’ Instead, she focused on performing.

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