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It may take all four hours of a mid-winter day, but that’s OK with Eivin because it’s a day well-spent beating death.For much of the summer, he was forced to sit for the cameras that have become a fixture in his home—the cabin he built—telling the cameramen from the Discovery Channel about all the sitting he hasn’t been doing.The TV show is ultimately about what the Kilchers do, and about what happens if they don’t do what they need to.At least for the purposes of television drama, not getting something done in time means the Kilchers will most certainly die—but they won’t die anytime soon, because they can do anything.I am a big big fan of busty ex-stripper Amber Rose, and she is big fan of her huge boobs, and she loves to go TOPLESS!

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He’s too busy doing the things you can only do in action mode.

He’ll sit to catch fish through a hole in the ice, but that’s only because he has to be very still and very patient.

Eventually, his wife will get hungry for rabbit stew, which means he’ll have to hunt.

He’d rather teach his dog how to ride his horse, which he recently did.

He’d rather set up a new bolted climbing route through the Kenai Mountains so that if he did sit for a moment, he’d have a better view of the glaciers, which he did.

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