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Once these interviews were completed and the show had taken its final commercial break, the musical guest (or sometimes, a chef or comedian) performed.Once the musical guest finished, Fallon bid the viewers farewell.That guest usually stayed after the next break, then either played a game with Jimmy and some audience members, or performed in a skit with Jimmy.Next, a second guest entered after the show's third break.The show frequently employed digital media into its comedy, which became crucial to its success.In 2013, Fallon was selected by NBC to succeed a retiring Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show.Michaels said he wanted Fallon to be the new host dating back to the day that Fallon left Saturday Night Live, Jimmy's built for this kind of show.

In 2004 NBC announced that in five years, Late Night host Conan O'Brien would replace Jay Leno as the host of The Tonight Show.

After the desk piece ended and a commercial break followed, typically there was a competition involving players selected from the studio audience.

These included "Wheel of Carpet Samples," "Wax on Wax off," "Cell Phone Shootout," "Models and Buckets," "Lick it for Ten," "Let Us Play with Your Look," "Put It In Reverse," and "Hot Dog in a Hole." Occasionally the segment featured a group-performance competition, "Battle of the Instant Bands" or "Battle of the Instant Dance Crews." In the show's third segment, the first guest arrived.

", and announced that night's guests and "the legendary Roots crew".

Just before Higgins introduced Fallon, the camera cut to a shot of The Roots, who then shouted three numbers symbolizing the episode number of Late Night (though other numbers and statements have been shouted in place based on current events, cities if that episode's number matches a particular city's area codes, and historical show moments - toward the end of the show's run, Questlove would shout how many episodes remained rather than the number of the show itself).

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