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For the musical that has run for more than 40 years at the Charlottetown Festival which focuses on Anne and Gilbert's relationship, the CD recording features Andrew Mac Bean as Gilbert.

Gilbert is portrayed by Lucas Jade Zumann in the 2017 Netflix series Anne.

Following his time at Queens, Gilbert decides to teach at the Avonlea school to finance his future college education.

When one of Anne's caretakers, Matthew, dies of a heart attack, Anne chooses to give up the Avery Scholarship in order to stay at Green Gables and support his sister Marilla.

But you wouldn't know this if you didn't first get through a five-minute-long visual starring Michael B.

Gilbert Blythe takes an immediate interest in Anne Shirley upon their first meeting and tries to gain her attention; however, when Anne ignores him, he teasingly calls her "Carrots" because of her red hair, unaware of her sensitivity about it.

After learning of Anne's predicament, Gilbert, who has always loved Anne, gives up his position so Anne can teach in Avonlea and live at Green Gables with Marilla.

Gilbert goes on to teach at the White Sands School and Anne, after learning of his noble act, finally forgives him and they become good friends.

As Gilbert matures, he becomes less headstrong and demonstrates a sense of patience and devotion.

He eventually becomes a highly respected doctor in the fictional town of Glen St.

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