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Malory, impressed by her nerve, offered Lana a job.Three weeks later she was on her first mission in Tunisia "killing a different man," referencing that she restructured her priorities from being a college protester (sticking it to "the man") to whom she is now.In "The Honeymooners," while climbing a skyscraper, she seriously considered the notion of having a baby with Archer (partially to annoy him and partially because the two of them would produce a beautiful child), but quickly disregarded the idea and instead decided on Cyril.That decision was quickly overturned because of underlying trust issues between the two of them.

During a firefight, both Archer and Lana reveal they are each other's beneficiaries should they die.In "Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure", Lana gives birth to a girl, which she reveals to Archer that he is the father by using his frozen sperm.Despite her problems with Archer in the past, she appears to genuinely care about him and she peacefully introduces him to their daughter.Lana later paired with Cyril again in "Viscous Coupling", although it was more out of desperation for companionship and sexual satisfaction than any genuine attraction.This second attempt at a relationship fell apart due to Cyril's increased paranoia caused by Pam and Cheryl's meddling and culminated in another breakup once Lana announced her pregnancy through a sperm bank, which she did without telling him prior. In "Blood Test," she propositions both Sterling and Ray Gillette to have a child (albeit while drunk).

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