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It is interesting to date this councilor has never said this to me.

It was at this point that I felt I was under siege.

As we entered into the council chambers that evening, I walked over to the mayor and asked if I might speak to him in his office.

I asked the mayor if a portion of the original editorial was removed would this make this whole matter disappear and stay out of the public eye?

I perform the yeoman portion of the heavy lifting in creating a fresh daily online newspaper serving White Rock and South Surrey..

He told me to remove what he felt was offensive content. He accused me of releasing private information said in an open meeting of council at the community centre, with council and senior staff in attendance. The following Monday I was informed due to my lack of an apology I was going to be censured by council.I understand all too well the searing sting of public ridicule. If you run into them please have them give me a call.The mocking, the dismissive attacks and the lowest of lows, unrelated attacks on your loved ones Desperate people do desperate things. Even better tell them they can make a difference, as you can. David Chesney Publisher April 30, 2015 CHESNEY CENSURED OVER “DEFAMATION” was the headline in yesterday’s Peace Arch News. Shortly after being elected to White Rock city council on November 15, 2014 Mayor Baldwin sent out an email requesting the new council get together for a “meet and greet.” The date was set and I looked forward to the opportunity to come together as a council.Meanwhile my fellow councillors were scratching their head at what had happened, in that when we entered the council chambers they were under the impression I would be censured.Councillor Fathers in particular came over and said “What happened?

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