Julia fuck 13 02 2014

The Obama administration, by releasing their plan for Julia, show how they plan to accomplish this. What made me a little uneasy about this article was I agree wholeheartedly with the overall sentiment, but I am not sure which policy options you are recommending and don't know if I would necessarily agree with those. Feminists understood earned success, knowing self-reliance and freedom would yield more choices, achievement, self-respect and fulfillment if women had a level playing field. Feminists believed none of these things, and only used words like "self-reliance" and "freedom" in dishonest or deluded ways.

They want to make every citizen dependant on government, for everything. The feminists who helped to create the current state of our society were Marxists from broken families who hated their mothers and fathers both. They had a magical idea of where resources come from.

Considering the tortuous unraveling of the Eurozone, this idea is both fantasy and dangerous.

In Europe, hopelessly large social security and entitlement promises exceed governments’ ability to tax and borrow, crushing those who believed economic security is a basic human right.

Yet, as European leaders grapple with resentments caused by austerity measures, American politicians make the same promises that precipitated Europe’s crisis.

Franklin Roosevelt cautioned that dependence “induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber”…and “the human spirit.” The antidote to “learned helplessness” and its corollary unhappiness is “earned success”, according to economist Arthur Brooks, President of American Enterprise Institute and happiness authority.So rather than foster dependency, why not encourage the fiercely independent and self-reliant ethic that originally motivated feminists and propelled women’s economic advancement?The real war on women is the one waged by those whose policies undermine our economy thus limiting everyone’s choices, mobility and independence.Now, four decades since Helen Reddy sang “I am Woman,” women are “The Richer Sex” -- the book by Liza Mundy documenting women’s economic advancement.The New York Times book review noted: women hold 51 percent of management and professional jobs; wives at least co-earn in two-thirds of marriages; and women earn 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees and comprise 60 percent of graduate students.

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