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Additionally, if Windows Update on the computer is in such a state that automatic self-updates are failing, you can't use the WUA API to recover from that state.

When necessary, to ensure that users have the latest WUA, prompt them to install KB949104 or the latest WUA.

The activation code that was previously used to activate the application on this computer can be used on a different computer.

Windows Update Agent (WUA) automatically updates itself when it is connected to a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server or to Windows Update.

You can also use a signed installation package that is available from Microsoft to manually update WUA.

You can use this installation package to install the latest released versions of WUA or the latest released versions of the file.

Service providers can offer two types of subscriptions for Kaspersky Internet Security: subscription to updates and subscription to updates and protection.

If you have purchased a subscription to updates, after your subscription expires and after the grace period for subscription renewal ends, Kaspersky Internet Security remains functional but stops updating application databases.

An unlimited subscription is renewed automatically as long as you have paid the service provider in advance.You can still run Kasperky’s security products on the Anniversary Update OS, but a series of security features will be unavailable, making your computer vulnerable to threads.For various PC problems, we recommend to use this tool.In some cases, the activation code can be applied automatically.When you use the application under subscription, you cannot use a different activation code for renewing your subscription.

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