Kate tsui raymond lam dating

Jeremy comes from a wealthy background and is dubbed the second Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), for his soaring popularity in mainland China.Jeremy was born in Shanghai and his parents are government officials.

Sisley joins the showbiz through Hong Kong beauty pageant 4 years ago and is heavily groomed but is surrounded by negative gossips all the way.Seeing that it was raining after the meal, Jeremy dashed through the rain and purchased an umbrella to shield Niki from the downpour.Unfortunately, as they were heading back to the hotel, Niki found out that they were followed by the paparazzi and in order to keep their relationship from the media, Jeremy chased after the paparazzi and demanded that their photos to be deleted.An insider revealed, “Taking advantage that they were both still filming The Virtuous Queen of Han at the end of August, Jeremy offered to meet the parents.Jeremy’s parents praised Niki to be a good girl and they also knew that Jeremy really likes her.

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