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Olds would be joined by the less successful Clarkmobile around 1903.

Over the next decades, the city would be transformed into a major American industrial center for the manufacturing of automobiles and parts, among other industries. By 1956, the city had grown to 15 square miles (39 km Today, the city's economy is diversified among government service, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, banking, and education.

On September 26, 1963, a 12-year-old, 3,000-pound female dancing elephant named Rajje (alternately reported as Raji and Little Rajjee, among other variations) rebelled against her trainer during a performance in a shopping-center circus near what was then Logan Street and Holmes Road in Lansing, and escaped into the streets, aggravated by the frenzied pursuit of nearly 4,000 local residents.

The incident ended with the shooting of the elephant by Lansing police.

This figure includes two 425 Agreements with Alaiedon Township and Meridian Township, and the four 425 Agreements with Delta Township since 2000.

Since the 2010 Census, the city has entered into two additional 425 Agreements.

In the winter of 1835 and early 1836, two brothers from New York plotted the area now known as REO Town just south of downtown Lansing and named it "Biddle City".The Census Bureau, however, for statistical purposes does count these as annexations.Not counting the temporary 425 Agreements, Lansing administers 34.1 square miles (88 km) total.Many in the group too disappointed to stay ended up settling around what is now metropolitan Lansing.Those who stayed quickly renamed the area "Lansing Township" in honor of their home village in New York.

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