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In 1964, Lee and his wife were Godparents for one of my children when he was with CKEY Radio in Toronto.I had just left CKCR Radio in Kitchener, Ontario and was living in Brampton at the time.This comes to a grand total, if you bought the four together right now, 9.89 plus shipping and handling which, naturally varies.If you did the same thing at Testament's own website, you could get it for £153.86, or roughly 2.32.Apparently Lee went to Miami, I assume in 1967, and in 1968/69 contracted cancer and I'm told he passed away in 1970.

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Critics, both professional writers and serious listeners, for whom I have a lot of respect, have praised the earlier cycle to high Heaven.Still, it sat in Decca's vaults for fifty-one years, and that company showed no real interest in releasing it.Culshaw had it shelved back in 1955 so he could do his cycle with Solti, and - for better or worse, more of the former than the latter, though - Solti's cycle is still the benchmark.Jack often would forget calling himself Jack Morgan and would slip with his real name of Jack Tupper.To help Jack I put the name "Jack Morgan" on a bright red plain bumper sticker.

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