Korshunova dating

" "We dated for a month," the heartsick Vorobeyv told The News."We were outside once, and the rain started falling so we started walking around in the rain and kissing.

They met at a party in Moscow, when she was still smarting from her breakup with boyfriend Artem Perchenok, 24.

Her 20 year old daughter was involved in a traffic accident and she wanted ?

I did not raise this money and she said her daughter died and she was distraught and depressed and sounded suicidal.

A month later, Vorobeyv said he took her to the Roza Mira Training Center, a trendy self-help clinic where Russian models come to get their heads straight. Vorobeyv said their fling was "romantic" but he was torn because he had a girlfriend, who is now his wife, and she was pregnant. He said that when he broke the news to Korshunova, she seemed to understand why they weren't meant to be.

Ruslana attended the Rose of the World’s training sessions with a friend (Ukrainian model Anastasia Drozdova) who committed suicide under similar circumstances in 2009.

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