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«Za bilo koju ozbiljnu procenu troškova realizacije nekog projekta neophodno je postojanje projektne dokumentacije, za koju ste vi rekli da ne postoji.

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Smatralo se tada da pošten svet uveče spava i da mrak ne treba ničim narušavati.

Its abundance of historic buildings prompted UNESCO to include Nesebar in its list of World Heritage Sites in 1983.

boom shakalaka, done It's probably among the most beautiful spots on the eastern Black sea coast, I won't count Crimea, nor the Turkish shoreline which I'm unfamiliar with, but Nessebar is unlike anything else in the Bulgarian coast.

Sunny Beach has grown towards Nesebar up to the point of becoming like its twin town (not in appearance, of course). Vlas, to the north, will soon, due to the development, join this new mega-resort. Besides Sunny Beach is really nice for going out at night ^well the old town hasn't changed that much(i was there last summer) it's just overcrowded,but the new town is a differen thing-and this is sad. Well last time I went there was in 2004, and the first time in 93'.

In fact the whole concept of the construction that is going on at the moment at the coast is wrong. At that time the Nessebar municipality both Old and New was not that developped.

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