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And not just because phone manufacturers are dropping headphone jacks like they’re going out of fashion.You can now create a group playlist on Spotify in Messenger, meaning everyone gets their say in what ends up on the playlist.Now you can put those on your face during a video call.Of course, you do already have your face there doing the reaction for you but the added giant tear drops are a fun feature.Have a secret conversation If you have sensitive information that you want to share with someone, this is the feature for you.Not only are the messages encrypted from device to device, making it totally secure, you can also set your message to delete itself within a certain time of being seen.You can search for flights or hotels individually, or even cooler you can use Travel Planner to create a poll of possible destinations and dates, and share with the group so they can all vote on it.In a chat, just tap on the blue plus icon in the bottom left corner, then tap on the KAYAK logo.

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The KAYAK extension won’t make a decision for you, but it is an incredibly easy way of suggesting ideas to your group.To start a game, tap on the controller icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app, and then choose which game you want to play.Depending on which game, there will be options for selecting which friends you want to compete against, then away you go.You’ll then have the option to either take a picture of a code or display your own.Just point your phone’s camera at the code and you’re in a chat.

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