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Letters Labor laws relative to Federal contracts, S3326 [22MR] ABDOO, RICHARD Schedules Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senate): Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Regulation: Clean Air Act acid rain provisions, D1175 [21OC] ABELSON, DONALD S.

Schedules Committee on Foreign Relations (Senate): bilateral investment treaties, D960 [10SE] ABERCROMBIE, NEIL(a Representative from Hawaii) Amendments offered by, to Dept.

of Commerce: establish toll free number to assist consumers in determining if products are American made (see H. 3342), H10470 [20NO] Disasters: Federal insurance program for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes (see H. 935), H2867 [26MY] District of Columbia: statehood (see H. 51), H7827 [13OC] Earhart, Amelia: transmit records on disappearance to the Library of Congress for public study (see H. 2552), H6849 [21SE] Education: early childhood education programs (see H. 3201), H7360 [30SE] ------financial assistance for rural education (see H.

1793), H6595 [9SE] Elections: campaign ethics reform and contribution limits (see H. 3), H259 [26JA] Emergency Medical Services Week: designate (see H.

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290), H9079 [9NO] African-American Women Positive Role Model Day: designate (see H. 124), H4990 [21JY] Ireland, Northern: adherence with the Mac Bride Principles by U. 672, 712), H6382 [6AU], H8795 [3NO] Irish-American Heritage Month: designate (see H. A-1 AUTO SALVAGE Letters Disclosure of vehicle damage relative to title transfers, S2382 [4MR] AARON, DAVID Memorandums POW and MIA in Vietnam, S8565 [1JY] AARON, DAVID L. Representative to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, D835 [23JY] AARON, HENRY J. Reports Political Contributions of Executive Nominee, S9867 [29JY] Reports filed Nomination To Be Representative of the U. to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: Committee on Foreign Relations (Senate), S9867 [29JY] Schedules Committee on Foreign Relations (Senate): nomination of David L. Schedules Committee on Finance (Senate): Social Security program, D212 [11MR] Committee on Labor and Human Resources (Senate): Subcommittee on Education, Arts and the Humanities: school finance and education reform, D853 [27JY] ABA JOURNAL (publication) Articles and editorials No--Equality Among Victims, S15022 [4NO] ABANDONED LAND REUSE ACT Remarks in Senate Enact (S. of Defense appropriations, H8160 [19OC] Bills and resolutions introduced by Crime: protection of foreign and domestic tourists (see H. 3327), H8362 [21OC] Pai Nui (vessel): certificate of documentation (see H.

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