Limewire remove updating

You should see an entry with the Name of Service Dll, Type REG_EXPAND_SZ and Data value of %systemroot%\system32\ If this entry does not exist, you can add it with the following steps: a. You could also copy the reg key from a working workstation. After the entry is added to the registry you should be able to start the Workstation Service.

NOTE - The uninstall/install of Great Plains does not remove this registry entry.

The one thing in common would be that they previously had Great Plains Dynamics 6.0 un-installed and then Great Plains 8.0 installed.

Must be something to do with the Great Plains 8.0 installation since i've un-installed Dynamics 6.0 a million times and have never seen this problem.

(PS - why not throw me a bone and click an ad on my site, like one of the banners up top? At first I just thought it was a typical Windows problem but when it started turning up on more than one machine, i figured there had to be a common thread. As you are troubleshooting the problem, you discover that several Windows services are not running - Server, Workstation, Computer Browser, Net Logon, among others.

These services not running will definitely prevent you from browsing your network and connecting to other machines.

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They were going thru an upgrade to Great Plains 8.0.

Here are the steps from the TK article: WARNING If a mistake is made on any of the instructions listed below, you may not be able to restart your system. IMPORTANT - Back up your system before making these changes.

If you are not familiar with the Registry, please seek assistance from Microsoft or your local Microsoft support representative. It is also important to create a new Emergency Repair Disk. Verify that Service Dll is stored in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM Current Control Set Services lanmanworkstation Parameters 3. Name the new value Service Dll (it is case sensitive). Double-click on this new value and specify Value data: %systemroot%\system32\

Then in this folder, create a new entry named Service Dll, of type Reg_Expand_SZ (Expandable String Value) and a data value of %systemroot%\system32\ With this new entry in place, you should now be able to start the Service service as well.

With Server and Workstation service both running, you should now be able to start Computer Browser and any other services that were dependent on them.

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