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Sprint workers noticed apparent child pornography among his stored images. But local authorities did not have the technical expertise to comb Salazar’s computers and devices, and pursue the case.Many police department lack in-house skills for this type of analysis. Salazar kept more than 1,000 photos and videos of naked children in various sexual poses, including a toddler who appeared to be bleeding from sexual abuse.The girl obeyed: She took off her clothes and posed as he demanded.That scenario emerged in the case against Salazar, who later copped a plea to child pornography charges.Salazar saw her on his computer screen, via a webcam.

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Numbers on those engaged in live-streaming child sex acts are difficult to gauge, but law enforcement officials portray the predator population as vast – and proliferating far faster than they can catch perpetrators.At least that’s the first instance documented by police.A year later, Salazar made the mistake that led to his arrest, records show.“It surprises me that not all of our police departments have forensics,” said Cecelia Gregson, the senior King County prosecutor specially designated to child exploitation cases. Prosecutors portrayed Salazar as a loner who spent his time and money to developing relationships with women in poor countries who were prostituting their children via webcams.“Washington state’s economy is pretty good.” Local authorities called in the U. Secret Service, which sometimes handles child sex cyber crimes, to do the work. The defense countered that Salazar was sexually abused as a child by his father who would take him to underground bars in San Antonio, Texas, assault him and let other men molest him in exchange for money.

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