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(Whistle) Get the big blind one, and put it behind the wall there. (Whistle)" Sheep shagging is very good for you, I'm told. It's one of the things I'm keeping for when the doctor tells me, I've got cancer, you know. But when they're not in season, they just go on with it, they have a weird life.

(Whistle) Hop, hop, bring them round, past them all, that's a wee dog.

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I don't know, I can't really say it's nice to be back, I've been here for a fucking fortnight. Because a lot of things have happened, you know, a lot of silly things, as far as I'm concerned, in fact. Stop heaving experts onto the telly, especially astrologers. They were back on the following day: "Oh, you're a Gemini, I can tell.

You know, there were no such thing as a Pit Bull thing.

Maybe they ride it along to the Honda factory, or something. I thought a Rottweiler was a fucking running shoe, you know. "A great good pair of Rottweilers." When I was a boy, it was Alsatians.

"Oh, fuck." Their lives are all bland, and then one day.

It would be hard, y'know, you would have to maybe spray you wife.

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