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The most important feature on this page is the following one: Please note that your live channel is turned OFF by default.You can turn it ON whenever you want to put your channel online. Category, Description and Splash screen relate to how the content will be shared on the Da Cast Viewer Portal.This is a barebones encoder in terms of features, but it’s free and works well for initial tests.Once you have selected your encoder, the process will launch you into the final step: using your encoder.Finally, you’ll need a live channel on your Da Cast account as well. For this part of the process, you can either watch the video or read on for more details.First, login to your Da Cast account and make sure you are in the Live Channels section.If you need to use a Flash channel instead, please open the chat and ask a operator for this feature to be added to your account.

This includes being able to control the quality that you stream at, represented as the bitrate.Each have their pros and cons, which you can read about here.Software encoders have a free version available in the form of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which you can download from your Da Cast account.If you aren’t using a webcam, but instead a camcorder, you will need a capture card.Blackmagic is one example, and their products can be purchased online.

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