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Thus, perfect endings be damned, the band’s forthcoming reunion album, . ” “Well, I got a job with Schwab.” So where would the 20-year-old version of you move now? The internet means it doesn’t matter if you fucking live in New York. Also, locality doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore.

“On one hand it’s this happy sunshine sky, on the other hand it’s almost interrogating and unpleasant.” Hmm. Then I thought I would try cool stuff to see if it was fun. Their album cover has bloody letters on it and the singer is hitting himself with the mike while he’s doing a weird Elvis impression and another guy plays slightly out-of-time organ over a beatbox! Is it helpful to have the band back just so you can have something to point your OCD tendencies at?

In 1977, you could by all means have thought 1960 was a fucking long time ago and be nostalgic for that time. There’s always a good way to tell how much special shit was really going on at a given time, and that’s by how many bands self-destructed.

It’s just as valid of a thing to, today, be interested in 2000. Because if there’s nothing special going on, bands don’t self-destruct, they just break up and everyone goes and gets a day job. That’s a good sign to me that something interesting was going on.

I didn’t understand that significance for most of my life. When I was a kid I wished I was in Echo and the Bunnymen; I wished I was in Black Flag. It doesn’t mean every song has been written or every type of music has been generated. For example, this new Katy Perry song [“Swish Swish”] she played on You’d be fucking Sha Na Na!

I was like, “There’s nothing special about me as a musician. You talked a lot in the past about how the impulse behind the band’s music was a competitive feeling. But now things are moving so slowly that something like house music, which is already well-trod territory by Madonna, bless her soul, is supposed to feel new. Compare it to ‘74 to ‘77, that’s Roxy Music’s to the fucking Sex Pistols. Instead of things moving in a linear fashion, now they’re moving laterally.

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