Married dating site myspace com

More and more My Space users are broadcasting their My Space URLs though fliers, e-mails, stickers, billboards, TV commercials, and any other method of advertising and promotion.

If one of these URLs catches your eye and you can remember it, plug it into your browser, and you’ll be taken directly to that My Space user’s profile page.

The survey's participants consisted of people who married between 20.

About 35% reported that they had met their spouse online, more than through introductions by friends, work and school combined.

Born along with the Internet in the early 1970s, online socializing has helped people worldwide link to others with common interests for conversation and support.

Nevertheless, new social-networking sites like Facebook and My Space raise more troubling privacy issues than traditional Internet chat rooms.

The difference was still statistically significant after controlling for other demographics such as age, race, religion and income.

About 94% of marriages that had started online lasted at least until the time of the survey in 2012, compared with about 92% of those in the offline group.

Friending is the underlying foundation of My Space.

Millions of users are active in the My Space community.

“The authors report that twice as many people stopped filling out the survey as completed it,” Hooker says.

“Who gave up and who kept on could have a large effect on the results.

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