Mobile one to one adult video chat

For information and support, you can visit caregiver resources, such as Family Caregiver Alliance and The Alzheimer’s Association.

also offers helpful articles and tips, as well as, an online caregiving community.

Google Calendar is another popular online calendar; it’s free, easy to use, and handy for anyone with a Google or Gmail account.

If you’re married to your mobile device, there are a plethora of apps to help you keep track of dad’s doctor appointments and mom’s medicine.

Depending on what your needs are, you can monitor medication administration, senior nutrition and even send group voice messages and to-do lists.

Check the online tools in #8 above, as well as Care Zone and the Android app Med Minder.

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Many of the websites mentioned above offer a way to collaboratively keep track of a calendar for you senior loved one, whether it’s managing doctor’s appointments or medications.

With email, you can easily contact a group of family members to coordinate caregiving, and if you have a camera in your phone or a scanner, you can scan or snap photos of important documents to share via e-mail.

Or, if you need to update someone right away, you can use that same phone to send a picture message or text.

“One-on-one interaction is important to keep your loved one socialized and stimulated, not to mention, people in your network can let you know if they observe anything out of the ordinary,” said Joan Lunden in “Caregiving Tips From Joan Lunden: 6 Ways to Stay Connected.“ Joan Lunden also says she frequently sends her mom mail — either letters or just brief postcards — to let her know that she’s thinking of her. agrees: she types up her letters to her mom on the computer, where she can insert photos of her family, and then prints them out to send.

This is also a nice way to keep extended family apprised of a senior loved one’s activities and health.

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