Most intimidating college football uniforms

Arizona has a new set of uniforms, but they are still as wild and all over the place as before so it is hard to tell.Also, like many teams, they have new matte helmet, this one in blue.Sure, the helmet might be boring to some—featuring the letter “N” on both sides and separated with a red stripe down the middle—but the simplicity is pure Black Shirts, representing centuries of great performances.A timeless look that will forever be in style, the Huskers are hoping that they can return the football program back to the days when Tommy Frazier was busy winning national titles in these classic unis.With the orange color actually being called “Tennessee orange,” the Vols don’t mess around when it comes to strutting out on the field each Saturday.

And as amazing as the jersey and pants are, that helmet is about as old school as you get, with detail in the tiger and script that just don’t appear in sports anymore.While the introduction of the black jersey during the 2007 “blackout” game was a nice touch by the school, Dawg fans remember the red and white versions that produced all-timers like Herschel Walker and Champ Bailey, and if you’re ever in Athens for a game, they’ll tell you about those guys all day long. Oregon Ducks The thing about the Oregon Ducks’ uniforms is that, well, there are just so many to choose from that it’d be impossible to decide on just one that’s best.But, as all college sports fans know, that’s what makes the Ducks threads so famous, as they have the most outrageous combinations of uniforms to choose from—with, potentially, the addition of a glow-in-the-dark version for the 2015 season.Plus, instead of their own names, players had Medal of Honor recipients’ names on the back.If you put galaxies and constellations on your alternate uniforms, you’re going to win in my book. Other alternate uniforms were bland, unoriginal and left much to be desired, but Florida trying to look like actual alligators led to the most hideous uniforms of the season.

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