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Pat considered he had to select a song which would be more attractive to the British record buying public.

In March 1961 Pat Campbell picked "Whispering Hope" from a religious album, "God Be With You" Jim had recorded in 1959.

On February 5, 1959 Billy played bass on the recording session which produced "If Heartache is the Fashion" , and "Home".

The article mentioned that not long after Billy recorded two songs in RCA Studio B: This Lonely Man, and Teen Jean Jive, he spent a month out of town playing bass in the Jim Reeves band.

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One title is "The missing Link", in his own words: "The early trouble I went through to write "Mexican Joe" and eventually how it got to Jim, not in any books because I lived it..", and a book on "Fabor Robinson and how he made Jim and disrupted the entire city music industry..." Mitchell didnt mention a publication date yet.

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In late 1955 Bob had moved to KIMO, a 1000 watts radio station in Independence, Missouri.

In the collection of Dominique Anglares we found two KIMO Radio Hitparades from January 1956 .

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