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What makes it truly unique is the way it combines ease of use with 'full power' construction-specific project management functionality.In addition, the licensing options make it cost-effective for everyone - individual planners, project teams and as an organization-wide solution which can be integrated with other key business systems.Located in Leicester city centre on a pedestrianised area with vastly increasing footfall as currently being developed.Fabulous entrance hall with hanging chandeliers and greeting/reception desk. BUSINESS The Royal Oak has been operated by the current vendors for over 11 years and has established itself within the community and surrounding area.

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It is a powerful project management software solution designed for larger construction projects.

With the GIS application from Asta you can do exactly that.

You can visualise your project status geographically on a map interface in Google Earth.

Without a clear view you cannot have confidence all is on track.

Imagine how reassuring it would be to feel you were looking down from above on all your project activity and seeing if everything was OK.

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