Nina dobrev dating derek advice dating someone hiv positive

The 24-year-old actress posted a photo of Derek holding his Emmy award earlier this week, and affectionately wrote, "@Derekhough !!!!!!!!

So with whom should this talented actress Dobrev settle down?

It was reported that the hot episode had created some strain in the relationship between Dobrev and Stowell and that was one of the reasons behind the split between ''The Vampire Diaries'' famed star Dobrev and ''Bridge of Spies'' star Stowell.

On the other hand the rumors of Dobrev returning to the season 8 of ''The Vampire Diaries'' have kept the fans guessing about the reunion of Somarhalder and Dobrev.

Nina Dobrev has found love again and is dating Derek Hough, according to new reports.

The Vampire Diaries star met Derek through her close friend, professional dancer Julianne Hough, and fell for her friend's older brother after spending time with the siblings.

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