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The mainstay is avoidance of further exposure to the antigen causing urticaria.Pharmacologic treatment options include the following: Consultation with or referral to a dermatologist, allergist, immunologist, or rheumatologist may be appropriate in selected cases, particularly in cases of complicated, recurrent, refractory, severe, or chronic urticaria.Medicine says before taking hops, tell your doctor or pharmacist all prescription and non-prescription medication that you’re taking.Hops may interact with: Medicine recommends checking all non-prescription medicine labels carefully, especially cough-and-cold mixtures.If you take hops, limit how much alcohol you drink, because hops might worsen some effects, such as tiredness.The website recommends talking to your doctor before using hops if you have depression or cancer.He is believed to have slept on pillows filled with hops to help calm himself down. Hops has been put into pillows to help people sleep, because the scent of hops can be calming.

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Hops is well known for its use in beer-making, where it’s been grown and used worldwide for centuries.According to the ABC, research on hops dating back over 200 years shows that the plant can calm people down and make them sleepy.Both animal and human studies confirm these effects.The authors noted that: “It is no surprise that a relative of Cannabis would be used to relax the central nervous system.” The results were published in 1993 in the journal .The study found that together the two herbs improved sleep.

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