Notes on the dating of the homeric poems

In the Exekias section in Chapter 1, on the other hand, Lowenstam moves closer to paradigm 2.Here, he restricts discussion to the black-figure painter's Vatican masterpiece (ca. One side of this vase depicts Achilles and Ajax playing a board game.A corollary to the second paradigm is what has been called the 'folktale model'.It assumes that artists, instead of drawing from Homeric, or any other poetic sources, drew from mythological tales they had heard as children.

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Second, it asserts an interactive culture between poetic and visual mythmaking, an intertext between poetry and art that does not demean the artists any more than Virgilian intertext with Homer demeans Virgil.Paradigm 2, which might be termed the art historian's approach, liberates vase painters and sculptors from slavish adherence to the Homeric versions of myth by asserting an independent evolution of visual themes.Artists may have known the Iliad and Odyssey, but in presenting a particular scene largely disregarded that knowledge.But Lowenstam's most important contribution is not one of volume.It is rather the illuminating methodological precedent he sets for comparative analysis of poetry and art of the archaic and classical periods, a precedent that facilitates a long overdue unification of the fields of classical philology and ancient art history.

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