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This enthusiasm had been set off by the daring production at Grover Cleveland High with 18 year old boys romping around with only a short, narrow flap hanging over their groins (usually flopping to left or right and exposing everything) and, now- her latest modification- nothing behind. Miss Cuff's musical on the theme of Cowgirls and Indian Braves was in permanent rehearsal and a lot of Brewer's females had seen some of it, or had sons model this flimsiest of costumes at home while twisting and shuffling with shame, in the living room in front of family and friends.

It was one simple, next step to punish boys in the nude.

His mother ignored this plea, told him to stick out his bottom.

He hesitated, then obliged, poking back his skinny white buttocks in a coy gesture recalling a pin-up's pose. " she instructed, and he thrust further back, looking now quite silly.

And all so very well-dressed, in their wide floral skirts, short-sleeved knit tops, pinched waistlines with the accented hips and busts of currently fashionable styles, most with gloves, some hats. He might be viewed from the windows of her upper stories.

"Not even your folks will know." Her orders about clothing, or rather the lack of it, brooked no disagreement. She watched eagle-eyed as the underwear slithered down and was handed over by the blushing boys quickly manoeuvring to cup their genitals.

A beautiful Venus, able to spank a wilful male child, with his buttocks offered like a sacrifice on her knees.

They were ready to embrace this role, some already had.

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Her son looked up, horrified, naked and "playing with himself." There was a page from The Star Tribune devoted to a lingerie advertisement spread over his bed: line drawings of willowy women in conical bras, lace-fringed panties, elaborate suspenders. In a righteous fury she had seized him by an ear and marched him out of his bedroom, his erection bouncing and pointing the way, right into their living room.

Mrs Reilly's Victorian-era house was considered one of the finest in Brewer: made of Kasota, the premier building stone of Minnesota, it featured colonial revival lines with an off-centre tower and Tudor arches. She stood before them, arms outstretched for clothes. Closer to the house another young athlete, naked as the day that he was born, swept leaves from the tiled borders of Mrs Reilly's pool.

The attendance at the widow's afternoon tea was big, fully 30 or so ladies, all divorced or widowed Moms. He was heavily muscled, a body builder, with a blond crew cut.

They were in their birthday suits, one hundred percent stripped off! As they worked they nervously looked over their shoulders and their private parts flopped, stretched, shrunk again, then reinflated. "Keep the lady happy, and this will go no further," was the police command.

Sheltered behind ivy clad fences, two 18 year old males worked at clipping and mowing. What a contrast with the delightfully dressed ladies inside! One was red headed and freckled- freckled all over, red haired, right down to the burst in his groin- the other was mahogany, a Negro boy, grizzled in his groin. Picked up for drunkenness, or bad driving, boys in Brewer might be delivered by Sergeant Malone to Mrs Rilley's household and ordered to work off their offences under her command.

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