Olympiad dating system

The surface temperatures at day and at night are very different, because of the thin atmosphere.

The temperature during the day is 227°C and the temperature at night is -173°C.

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The Olympic Games, like the other panhellenic contests, were held once every four years, according to the Greek eight-year calendar.

It is the only planet in the universe currently known to support intelligent life.The series of the festivals was as follows: century BC, Hippias of Elis, the sophist, numbered all the Olympiads based on the first one, which took place in 776 BC.The catalogue of the Olympiads was later completed by Aristotle, Eratosthenes, Phlegon of Tralles and Iulius Africanus.The term "Olympiad" referred both to the time between two Olympic Games and to the days of the games themselves.During two Olympiads, Greeks assembled in various panhellenic festivals that were held at other sanctuaries.

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