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We have 52 guests coming from the UK for it and have booked to stay for a week.'We have spent around £40,000 on this wedding.

It was booked two years ago, when we got engaged two-and-a-half years ago.'We were originally thinking of getting married in Cyprus but then when I saw the chapel I knew I wanted it there.

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I was devastated.'She added: 'This morning I got a phone call from my partner's best man, who can no longer attend.

'They had put a deposit down on flights but lost it and they can't come now because they can't afford to rebook it.'A TUI UK spokesman said: 'Following a recent decision by the senior bishop for the island of Rhodes in regard to weddings at St Paul's Bay, we are contacting affected couples directly to discuss their options.'While the situation is beyond our control, we understand how important and distressing this is to our customers with weddings already booked.'We would like to thank them for their understanding and patience as we assist them to make alternative plans.' Mr Lunn said of his photograph at the time it went viral: 'It's been blown out of proportion.'We were just pretending and having a laugh.

A British couple have had to cancel their dream Greek wedding because a priest has banned foreigners after seeing a 'disgusting' sex act photo.

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I've been to Rhodes a few times so I know how nice it is there.'The mayor of Rhodes is due to make a final decision on the ban in the next couple of weeks.

Situated in a quaint bay in Lindos, Rhodes, St Paul's chapel is an extremely popular wedding venue for British couples.

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