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Even if you're not exactly Employee of the Year, all your colleagues love you…or do they?

With crowded, open-floor-plan offices becoming the norm, it's easier than ever for employees to get on one another's nerves—and commit at-work etiquette faux pas.

Maintain a little mystery (and professionalism) by keeping your soap operas out of the office; reserve personal calls for urgent situations, keep 'em snappy and use your indoor voice.

"Only make personal calls that are under three minutes long and whose drama won't impede business," says Alford.

Listening to someone whistling, humming or singing for eight straight hours a day. The sign says "Restroom," not "Conference Room C."There's always going to be some at-the-sink gossip among work friends (even though this is usually better left for a coffee break), but in general, "Avoid conversation in the bathroom, except of the most trivial and fleeting kind," says Alford.

"If you know a call might get heated or lengthy, take it outside." On a similar note: It's a rare business call that requires utilizing the speakerphone feature.

Try a conference call instead if multiple coworkers are involved.

It's noble that you brush your teeth after lunch, but it's gross that you leave a trail of toothpaste spit in the ladies' room sink.

Whenever possible, grooming tasks should be done at home.

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