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one of the most well developed and graphically impress games for sure. im kinda stuck on this game, will be revisiting later. The story is good, the graphics are good and the gameplay is good. The sex scenes were good too ;) I can`t finish the game because I keep running into a bug.

A few things kind of confused me at first, but I was able to figure it out after a bit. After I finish fucking Rage, I search the apartment (corpse in bathroom, etc.). Then a Charon operative comes in and points a gun at me. can`t help it but to play d second time to get varies ending.

Good character creation (not only main hero but also all that can be met in the game).

Slow mechanics, not quite sure what to do at times, no real direction. I would play it if it was polished intencely Great game, I really like the matrix/shadowrun like atmosphere.

I can "examine" the operative, Rage, and myself, but I cannot continue. Definitely well done on this game, reminded me somewhat of Blade Runner. This game is great, I loved the story and especially the dystopian setting with the non-linear explorative gameplay!

There is a continue button that lights up when I mouseover, but no matter how many times I click it nothing happens. I managed to get two endings, the one where Thorne gets shot, and the one where they capture Rhea. Great job guys, I hope to see another installment soon! Some RPG elelments would really just top this game off.

Someone before said that talks were too long - agree but not in case of the amount of script (can better understand the situation, the plot etc.) but the fact that the skipping were too slow.

If you play the game first time it is no visible, but when want to get achiv or sth else and you need to wait until the "speech" is performed by the characters - that is irritating! Second bug is more subjective - why have I this bad luck that I can`t have sex with interesting (and beautiful) minor characters like Fixer (know that is an achvi, but no sex) or Blanca (I love Laura game). I have always wondered why nobody makes great erotic stories. Alright, I managed to get all the achievements; Cy Loves You Dude - Just be nice to her at start Talking with a Tin Can - When Jas first enters, try talking to her droid.

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