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There's nothing against not being able to talk to your team.

As long as you're alive and killing, there's not much more to the game than what you can observe yourself.

But I was playing horde alone and had a team of chatty, friendly people.

One of the best gears experiences I've had in quite awhile.

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It's just part of it, I'd say it's a bigger problem with Horde than it is versus TBH, limited targets to mark in versus combined with the Tac-Com and the fact one or two people not communicating can't completely screw over the team gives a bit more lee-way than in horde where one person sits on a turret burns all the energy then leaves when they have no energy left to feed into their turret (or whatever senseless defenses they've made) or you have to fight with somebody moving the Fabricator or Fortifications constantly.It's nice to have the communication but our community is a pretty crappy one for communication overall as it is. But only if social starts letting people bring more than one friend.Cause I wanna shoot the ***** with friends while I play and I doubt other people wanna hear our convo.Disabling party chat is no kind of solution, but yes the lack of coordination gets annoying, take it with a grain of salt or don't play the game about your only two real options here. Tomatos may scientifically be fruits, but in 1893 the US Supreme Court legally declared them vegetables, they are still shelved and processed as such.EVIL 0NE has anybody told you that you look like Greg Grunberg? This is a two-sided argument, some people don't like to deal with randoms yelling and their nonsense but at the same time it demotes teamwork in a game like this.

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